Monday 4 March 2013

A world where your car talks to you.

      Every passing day, technology grows at a very fast rate influencing so many aspects in our life, earlier today a 2 yr. old kid was cured of the dreaded HIV disease. I couldn't help but imagine what life would be without technology. Phones, cars, planes, drugs,  e.t.c
      Just then as I was thinking about these new technology, a thought came to my mind..... How many Nigerians are actually making proper use of this technology? Is it ignorance or just simply our non-chalant attitude?
       The first car was produced in the year 1770 with a cugnot steam traction engine. Inventions after inventions, cars with more power, speed, beauty, body finish, trims were made. Now the era of cars with carburetors and injectors is in place, an era where to the layman cars have a mind of their own or maybe not.
       Cars nowadays come with the OBD DLC port which allows you with a scanner to pinpoint faults on your vehicle, imagine your cars telling you how worn your brake pad is? This system diagnostics has been in cars as far back as the early 90 's yet it's still a great mystery to us. Many people when told of such stuffs just listen amazed with their mouth wide open.
       The world of tech is constantly on the move, just recently the OBD III system was publicized although most cars still run on the OBD II system which at the moment let you communicate with the heart of your car. You get to know what's wrong with your car before you meet your mechanic, saves you time and a whole lot of money.
         This scanners for your vehicle goes for as low as 40,000# and I don't see that as too expensive for someone with a #2.5m vehicle.
         Would have loved to really go into details on things you can get from the scanner and other but I got to go now... I would get on with it in my next article. Have a nice day.
                                                                                                   Arabambi Yemi (2abet Autoworld)

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